What Truly Matters

We hear about the devastation and desperation that exists in Haiti. We know the immense need for love and God’s presence… and of course food, water, and roofs for above our heads. We see pictures and stories on the news.  We build up our own expectations on what it might be like here, but let me tell you; once you are truly here-- nothing is at all like your predictions. There is so much more here than the mind can even attempt to wrap itself around.


They will tell you about the heat, how unbearable it is and how crazy you are for going. They’ll tell you of all the risks in going; the health dangers and disease. They’ll try and frighten you out of going, believing that they know what its like here.


They don’t.


No one tells you about the amount of love that is present here. With so many hugs, cheek kisses, and hand holding that it is contagious. They don’t tell you about the incredibly prevalent sense of passion in every heart you meet. A passion for others.  A passion for giving. A passion for Jesus.


No one tells you that it will change your perspective of this world forever.


I have found that here in Haiti, families do not have the common distractions that America does.  Because of this, the things that truly matter in life; such as expressing love, giving to others, living every day for Jesus… these things are focused on with such a higher power. Such a power that you will find yourself broken down in tears for a reason you cannot fully comprehend.


This is how it should be always.


Sure, it’s hot in Haiti. Very Hot. You have to take bucket showers, eat food you aren’t accustomed to, and the hills you trek up daily will have you going home with some scrapes and bruises. These may be some harsh realities, but when you are here, immersed totally and completely with the beautiful people of the country, all of these complaints will be meaningless in comparison to what the Lord will bless you with during your time.


I strongly believe that the experiences in life that we cannot quite put words to are the ones that God Himself has personally blessed us with.


Now This…. This, is Haiti.


There is just SO much of Him with us here, that words cannot, and will not ever be enough, to justify our experience here.


Ashley LaBella 7/30/14