From Strangers to Family


Today we find ourselves finishing our work in Haiti; however, I believe our work has just begun. We started the week as strangers and will be leaving as family. The closest bonds among people occur in times of trial, change, and stepping into the unknown. As the week progressed, this amazing group of individuals has bonded and grown as one. Through prayer walks, orphanage visits, and VBS, the love of Jesus has stirred love inside the hearts of both Haitians and our Haiti team.  The children’s eyes glistened with joy as we approached and interacted with them; it is amazing to see what a big difference a simple smile and a sprinkle of love can do. As we return home and begin our normal routines, I pray that God continue stirring a sense of servitude in our hearts. We are forever grateful for this opportunity, God’s love, and the people of Haiti; therefore, may we continue serving with love now and forever more.


Daniel Bocanegra 7/31/14