Haiti is waiting for the arrival of the team!

It has been a hot, busy couple of days here getting prepped for the arrival of our team.  Can I just say that I am SO excited for the team to join me tomorrow afternoon… We have an awesome week of ministry ahead of us!

I have spent the last few days with our contact John and his family, learning about the culture of Haiti, and deciding on our schedule.

This week, we will be partnering with John’s ministry, Success Ministries.  This ministry is a refuge for 120 kids, ages 4-16 in Merger, Haiti.  The ministry focuses on the poorest of the poor, and providing opportunities for them.  John took me on a walking tour of his community to point out some of the children Success Ministries helps- they were such beautiful children of God and it will be so great to love on them throughout this week.

Some of you may be asking… What is Success Ministries?  John started Success Ministries just over a year ago, when given the vision by God.  John said he couldn’t deny the calling, and upon being obedient to that calling, the Lord provided, and continues to provide for all of Success Ministries’ needs.

Success Ministries ensures these children are educated by providing backpacks, school supplies, books, and uniforms so they can attend school.

They also feed the children on a weekly basis, and feed their family on a monthly basis.  They capture the Haitians love for soccer; as their meeting spot is in the middle of a soccer field where the children love to play the game in a controlled environment.  Success Ministries also offers computer classes and extended learning opportunities, while they are also focusing on incorporating more learning opportunities into their ministry.

This update is more of the logistical “what we’ll be up to” blog.  Check back to see pictures, and more stories on how the Lord is moving in our team, and through Haiti!

Kim Labat 7/26/14