I turned 50 recently and on the way to my mid-life crisis, a really crazy thing happened to me.  I found Faith, Hope and Love.  It was in the most unlikely of places too.  After years of prayer asking the Lord to open my heart and my mind, a string of anomalous events had me on a flight across an ocean traveling to Haiti.  Here I met some of the most beautiful and extraordinary people of my entire life.  People who cared more about giving of themselves and helping those in need than anything else.  Their love was immeasurable and their kindness remarkable.  Here in this generation of beautiful young men and women so willing to share God's word and Love, is where I found HOPE. 

All my preconceived ideas and thoughts had been dashed to pieces.  The people I had come to help had changed my life.  They taught me more in one week than I had learned in 30 years.  How could they have so little but so much at the same time?  How could they love me knowing that I had not lived one day in their shoes?  They bore into my heart and would always remain there.  Yes, I gave them a little food and water but they gave me a fire that will live in me forever. 

...........Michael LaBella