International Mission: Merger, Haiti

 Trinity Help Foundation was created after a mission trip to Haiti during the summer of 2014. Our hearts were touched by the resiliency, attitude, and love of the Haitian people; therefore, our International Mission is primarily concentrated in the cities of Merger and Leogane, Haiti, where we are providing education, feeding programs and water filtration. Our most recent project in Leogane, Haiti is the construction project of a Christian worship center. This project will provide a safe environment for the families to attend Sunday services, acquire educational materials, clean water and food. It will also provide missionaries a place to stay while serving the community.

Success Ministries-  Success Ministries in Haiti currently has 110 children enrolled in a sports program where each week after soccer, the children are taught God’s word, worship the Lord, and are fed a hot meal containing (mostly) their only source of protein for the week. These children are also offered weekly English courses and computer/Microsoft courses. Success Ministries identifies the neediest families in the program who cannot afford an education, uniform, or school supplies and aims to send these children to school through donations.

There is no free education in Haiti. Most families have to sacrifice many basic human needs just to afford to send one child from their family to school. The children who do receive an education are under a lot of stress to successfully pass the school and state exams they are required to take at the end of each school year. If they fail these tests, they cannot progress to the next grade level and their family’s sacrifices will all be for nothing. For this reason, students take their studying very seriously and ask for prayer to remain focused and pass their tests.

Smyrne Orphanage- Success Ministries also provides the Smyrne Orphanage with food, water and education. Success Ministries is spreading the good news of the Gospel and teaching these children about Jesus and His unfailing love. A percentage of donations given to Success Ministries will go towards the Smyrne Orphanage at John's discretion. John, our local contact in Haiti and founder of Success Ministries understands the needs of the Smyrne Orphanage and is therefore better qualified to ensure the success of the Smyrne Orphanage.

2015 Clean Water Project - Trinity Help Foundation's Clean Water Project is focused on providing clean water access to everyone in need. By partnering with Sawyer Water Filters, the Trinity Help Foundation is tackling the water epidemic head on. By donating $25, you are providing 90,000 gallons of water for a person in need. 

Local Mission: Sanatoga, Pennsylvania

God's Kitchen - God's Kitchen is a full serve kitchen and clothing drive located in Sanatoga, PA.  Every Monday evening warm meals and drinks are served to the needy in the community.  The buffet dinner commences with bible readings and hymn singing.  Donated clothing is distributed, and transportation provided. Located in the Coventry Christian School, God's Kitchen is a truly wonderful place run by some amazing individuals.  With your donations, we will be purchasing food and one or more of our foundation members volunteering.